Its official

Some of the friends know. Some of the colleagues know. The time has come to announce it to the world that this blog and its owner (or blow-ner) are moving to a new place. That’s right. They are going to leave the sunny and shiny bay area to a place where sunny and shiny are special words. Because people at the new place don’t see the sun and shine quite very often.

OK..I am not moving to any remote place in Antarctica, but to Seattle. Geographically speaking, Washington State and Bellevue area. Kyon bole to..hmm…..that’s very complicated to answer. For now, lets say..For Good…

So the situation dates back to three months or to few blog posts, where I was thinking if I should take up an opportunity that came my way. A referral by a close friend for a position at Microsoft. Now you could have imagined, how hard is it get through a Microsoft Interview. Having read all the unbelievable interview stories online, I have decided it would take (Me * Me * Me) to the power of (Me * Me * Me) to crack this interview…(Don’t tell me this equation equates to one or Infinity….blah blah blah..). And at the time of writing this, I just gave up.

But later, I don’t know why..but I took it up (Actually I do know why I took it up..Just because I belong to a group called ‘Eternal Optimists’…). Showed up at the library continuously (after work) in the evenings until the library closed (gave me wonderful chance to skip cooking dinner though :p ) and revised by basics. Here I was reading “Programming Pearls”, “Operating Systems” etc etc and my friend calls up almost everyday and says … Just be yourself.

Now, we all know that (Me * Me * Me) to the power of (Me * Me * Me) cannot be equal to (Me).. (No, Me is neither 0 nor 1..We also know that….). I just nodded my head and kept reading my books..until one fine moment I realized that my friend was right..and its just impossible to revise everything under the sky…That was the moment I said, Yes…(Me * Me * Me) to the power of (Me * Me * Me) = Me. Imagine me as Russell Crowe from ‘A Beautiful Mind’, looking into the open skies, computing serious math.

And days go on and ‘a recruiter interview’, ‘a tech phone screen’ and ‘a day long interview’ later, on a fine Friday evening, I receive the call from the recruiter who said,

“Congratulations…You are the exact person we were looking for..You are genius..You are marvelous..You gotta accept our offer…we will do anything to have you with us….”

Ok…I exaggerated a bit…He just said congratulations and that Microsoft is coming up with an offer for me.

Even in the un-exaggerated style, it felt good. Very good….

Like a hard work paid off…Like a blessing from heaven…Like a wish come true..

(you can sing along the jaise khilta gulaab..jaise shayar ka khwaab..jaise…)

And exactly 40 days later, after series of emails, phone calls, worries, issues, concerns, couriers, faxes, visa transfers, I get to know that I would be starting on March 15th…

So the final prep started. It was time to let the current folks know..that is all they can get out of me…If you are lucky enough..Dil will come back..(Ok..exaggerated again…), but just plain, tata-bye-bye..with a really really sad heart and face,,which btw I mean totally..

We are off to Bellevue next weekend, to a new place, to meeting old friends, to making new friends, a new working place (as noted by all…full of geeks..), to visiting new places and new hopes…

Wish me good luck….


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