What’s Happening????

  • Sit and stare at the work machine.
  • Get a bit tensed about new office, new faces and new work.
  • Curse yourself for leaving a good job and joining MS.
  • Feel nostalgic about the friends and the place.
  • Look around and see MS geeks walking around
  • Get more tensed
  • Logon to wordpress to check blog.
  • Check the blog stats to see if the number of hits on the blog have brought wordpress servers down
  • Shake head in disappointment looking at the numbers
  • Look at the following stats

“Search Engine Terms – These are terms people used to find your blog.”

“timetravel mom died car accident”

  • Laugh out loud and thank the googler….


Hello From Seattle…

Hello from Seattle…. This is BJ Dil reporting…We are now based out of Bellevue and/or Redmond area. Feels like long gone are days we lived in bay area. After series of nostalgic (very very nostalgic) feelings, we are slowly getting out of the Bay Area Blues. Although, I am not losing even a single opportunity about telling anybody that I came from bay area. Now that I don’t live there any longer, I am kinda proud of telling everyone about it. (It’s the style human brain works…we miss what we don’t have and we don’t care about what we have…). Inline with that, I can’t remember any of the times I had cursed bay area in the past for something. My brain seems to have shift deleted all of those chapters.

As speculated, weather here is funny. Sunny one minute, raining next and windy and cold another time. It hasn’t irritated us yet but surely is going to do so soon. Hope that spring/summer will be here by the time.

It’s not yet a week that we landed here, but I have managed to touch base with few old friends, do some shopping and also set foot in the office..(Microsoft oooooooooooooohhhhhhhh…..)

Back soon with how other things here are (other things as in weather, new weekend hikes and MS office life…)

Last of Last

It’s not like I have changed 10 jobs in my life. I am moving to my third job, mathematically that would mean that I have left behind only two jobs. Right? And yet I am surprised by the similar ways I behaved when I was leaving my second job, yesterday. I left my first job a solid 3 years ago and my thought process doesn’t seem to have changed at all. I had the similar thoughts, similar feelings etc etc, resulting in this Last of Last blog post.

Ever since I had the confirmation that I was leaving this job/friends at work/location, I started counting This-is-the-last-of-this.


Today is the last Monday here

This is the last walk with friends

This is the last time I will wear a so-and-so dress to this work place

This is the my last train journey

This is my last stop at Redwood City station

This is the last meeting

This is the last email

This is the last outing with gals

This is the last picture

etc etc etc

There were so many ‘This-is-the-last-of-this’ that I got tired of doing this little exercise. Had I proceeded any further I would have even thought about ‘This-is-my-last-breath-watching-the-bay’ (too much senti…I know 🙂 ). So I probably stopped at the right time.

But to not miss the important things, let me take a moment and say what I will miss the most.

Miss the friends at work. Miss walking with you all along the bay, chatting continuously as if we were in any college and passing comments at everybody we know…

Surely miss the wonderful weather, sunny and shiny.

Miss the hikes. Though Seattle has great hikes too, I fell in love with bay area hikes because this is where it all started. This is where we explored the mountains, walking miles each weekend (or even a week day some times) and staying fit. Until I hike near Seattle and compare and tell you, bay area hikes are the best-in-class to me.

There you go. The top three things Dil will miss.

With all the new promises and new hopes, I move on, to explore new places and future.

Ohh..Did I mention that this is the last blog post from California? 🙂 The next one you read would come from my new home.

Yaadon ki Baarat

We were thinking…. now that we are relocating to a new place, may be, we  should decide on a new family song. Its not like I have 3 identical children and I am worried about us getting separated, but……

Imagine Murali & me with our future kids, sipping tea in the patio and singing a family song…Like the feeling? See..That’s why a family song.

So when I asked Murali for his preference, this is what he suggested. Take a look and let me know what you think. We can upgrade to a song with kids later, but for now a  song with hero and heroine will do.

<No offense intended…>

It sucks!!!

Wanna know what? It sucks to leave a job where you think you are doing good, you are valuable; Where people genuinely like you and so do you; where things are going great and you have good prospects. It sucks to leave such a place to new one where everybody is supposedly super smart than you, where you have to always run to keep up with everything; where you are one among thousands and where you have to go some extra miles (not one or two..but many many extra miles) to stand out.

It doesn’t make sense and yet I am doing it.

I must be crazy.

In a Rush…

The last work day here is approaching…Yet to get the things semi-packed before the packers and movers come.

Buying parting gifts, receiving gifts from the close people, last lunches, last get-togethers, pictures etc etc…

And yet a bit excited and a lot scared about the new place and new work….

So as I said..I am in a rush….

Just Being Wife…

I am no different to others (note…some times or very few times or lets say, I have my own style ) when it comes to nagging or just snapping back comments at my super-patient-caring-innocent husband. Although some times I do wonder who is the most evil amongst us (especially when he tries to snap back at me…), this space is about me ‘just being a wife’. That’s the time the devil in me takes over my natural common sense and does a lot of commendable things…


(In the background of me being very sick…)

Him: Shall we go out?
Me: No

Him: watch TV?
Me: No

Him: Alright..how about shopping?
Me: No

Him (frustrated enough): I will make a note of this..
Me: Hang it with the other one million notes I wrote..


(On the way up the mountain hike…)

Him: Lets go right..

Me: No..Lets go left..

Him: Please..lets go right..

Me: No…Left.

Him: Okay..Lets go left…

Me: No..Lets go back. I am tired.


(On the occassion of he getting sick..)

Him thinking that I have passed on the cold/flu germs to him. i.e. I sneeze for two days and then he sneezes, making him assume that…

Him: You are the GERMINATOR.

Me: (Just plain old/cold/angry/sad/guilty/confused/confusing looks…That’s enough….)