Definitely back…umm…at least I guess so…

Life goes on..Hair grows on..


Believe it or not, the hair on my head after the devastating haircut seems to have had a direct effect on my blogging skills. I didn’t feel motivated to come back to this space and write about the same old life, but I found myself constantly looking into the mirror to see if my hair is any better. I was also looking for shoulders to cry on about the hair cut and was seriously looking for some audible comments than just sympathy and plain confused looks. Finally comments like, “ hair cut???….ahaaa…” changed to “ look cute in this new hair cut”, making me believe that I am back to my old self (Additional source: Comments on my facebook page). In other ways, it could be just that people now are used to seeing me like this and the comments mean that the hair is better than the day before. (Improvement…. definitely..good)

So a lot of things happened while I was away from this space. Another round of brutal-real-life story won the blog-a-ton. Bloggers these days (or in general, people) don’t seem to be having an appetite for happy stories and happy endings. More hard core your story is, more closer you are to winning the people choice awards. (On a side note, I really didn’t think AB should be winning those awards for Paa.). Anyways, next time, even if the topic is “A Happy Life”, I am going to write about a low class family with paralyzed father, TB infected mother, widowed elder daughter, jobless son and unmarried-yet-pregnant younger daughter (In true bollywood ishytle…).

Third anniversary, already. After the heavy gambling we did for the second one (at Vegas), I noticed that life played some major gamblings back on us. Hence, this time, we decided to play it safe and escaped to ‘Sequoia National Park’ for a quite (literally…very quite) weekend. The brightest thing in the trip (again literally) was the yellow car.

Hiked Mission Peak..The famous…Its the highest and also the toughest mountain hike in the bay area. To add our touch to the hike, we hiked up on one trail, reached the summit, came back another trail, only to find that our car is parked some where else. As I always do, I had again wished if only there were auto-rickshaws in America. But…..nope.So add to our already 4 + 2.5 miles hike, we had to walk another 3 miles to get to our car. 9.5 miles, 255 minutes and 1400 calories, my activity monitor burned full bright. (Marking the first time ever I achieved my target.)

Also please note, no body really pays attention when you put your thumbs up on the road side and ask for a ride. (Hmm..Now I wonder may be the other finger could have helped…:) )

Little Niece (aka The Nemo) said that she doesn’t love me anymore. I didn’t really torture her about anything nor I refused to give her a chocolate, I just said that we could build our virtual beach-sand-castle on the bed rather than on the carpet. Kids these days, I tell you, you never know what offends them. Little Swami was not available for comments or clarifications on this issue. His PRO (read mom) said that he is busy with his half-yearly exams (Last time I checked, when a kid in India is in KG, he was only supposed to be 5 years old. I hope its still the same.)

Checked out many good (also claiming to be award winning books) from the library and dutifully returned them back without ever bothering to go beyond the third page. I am gladly back to the murder mysteries that I always love.

Played pictionary for the first time and hated it (Coz..I lost..). Had wonderful (really wonderful) outing with gals. Had so much fun that we all kinda wished that we didn’t have to go back home. Also did I mention that the halwa I made received top honors from the family? Owing to my cooking skills, this achievement is definitely bloggable.

And as hair grows back, life goes on. Prepping for the next blog-a-ton (Time travel..I am thinking about the most brutal place one can go to..) and ofcourse a full week ahead.

3 thoughts on “Definitely back…umm…at least I guess so…

  1. Hahaaaa!! Lol! This is the exact reason why I stopped participating in Blog-A-Ton! I really really racked up my brains to come up with something very sad and tear wrenching for the “What If” BATOM and then decided, that is an impossible task. Expected everyone to write something funny and man, when I checked out some posts on the day of submisssion, they were sadder than Schindler’s List!! That’s when I decided I am so out of this contest! 🙂
    Love reading your blog though..:)

    1. Thanks much Preeti. Glad to know that I am not the only one..I think I should defn suggest “A Happy Life” topic next time..

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