What If….

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The air in the room was very hot. Asha sat quietly, looking down. She was feeling weak. She knew her mom was still looking at her,talking to her and still crying a bit. Asha didn’t say anything. She didnt have anything to say. She told her already what ever she could. Yet mom was crying.

‘They never understand the new generations thoughts’, Asha thought.

“Are you feeling tired? Do you want to eat something?”, Lakshmi stopped crying and asked.

“Mom, You gave me enough food already.”

“Hmm..Okay..go and get some sleep then. We will talk later”

There was no point saying no to her. It would only hurt her more. And besides she said it isn’t over. Lakshmi left the room without saying anything.

Lying down on the bed, Asha recollected what she did today. Something that she wanted to do from along time. From the time she knew her blood belonged to a rare group O Negative, she wanted to donate blood. She knew mom if she did that. Mom would think it will cause some kind of ill-health if we give away blood. She was superstitious too. Asha knew it wasn’t true. Blood donation is a great way to help others in need. And that’s why she decided to visit the local blood camp and donate her blood. She had motivated all her friends to do it too. She was sure the blood she had donated today would reach someone in need.


“Excuse me. I am here to collect blood”, Ajay spoke hurriedly to the lab technician. Lab technician looked around to see who it was. Ajay was looking at him, wishing that he would get the blood as soon as possible. He was tensed, worried and scared. His head felt very heavy and eyes very tired. And why not? he hasn’t slept in 20 hours. Since the time he learned about the accident his younger sister, Anu, was involved in, he was hardly able to breathe. He loved her. Losing parents at a very early age, he was everything to her and she was more than everything to him. He adored her, loved her, not letting anything go wrong with her. And still it happened today. A reckless car driver, trying to take a wrong turn, losing control of the car and running into a bunch of people. His heart almost stopped when he heard that Anu was the most injured.

18 hours later doctors told him what he was dreading. They need more blood. He feared this moment knowing that Anu’s blood group was O Negative, a rare group. He panicked not knowing what to do. At the time, a nurse told him about a lady donating blood yesterday to the donation center she knew of. She asked him to hurry and book the blood. And now here he was, waiting eagerly.Looking at Ajay, lab technician acted fast. He verified all the details and issued blood to Ajay.


“This is too expensive. I am going to buy 1 kilo. Give me another rate “, Asha sighed seeing her mom demanding a better price. ‘She always does that’, Asha thought and smiled.

“What are you smiling at?”, Lakshmi shot back, “You better learn how to do these things. You will need tomorrow when you are married and doing this shopping on your own.”

Asha noticed the smile on her mom’s face, when she mentioned the marriage.

“Sure mom.”, Asha said,”But first lets just find a decent guy..”

“Hmmm”, Lakshmi’s smile faded.”I will never understand what you mean by that decent”, she started walking towards another fruit-seller.

“Hihihi.. Okay ma..I gotto go…You go home. I will see you in the evening”, Asha tried to walk away from her mom. She knew that, otherwise, its going to the same-old, repeated talks.

Lakshmi figured out Asha was running away. “Dont be late”, she shouted.

Thinking about how to get her daughter pick a guy, Lakshmi finished her shopping. It was time to go home. It was just 15 minutes walk home. As the thoughts continued, she didn’t notice a large truck coming her way. She was too occupied to notice that the truck driver was immersed in an argument over phone that he wasn’t even caring that he was driving close to the pedestrian path. When Lakshmi lifted her head to look at the roaring noise approaching her, she saw the truck. Before she could do anything, she felt scared and dizzy at the sight of the huge vehicle. And as she was about to fall to the ground, a hand very quickly pushed her away from the platform.

Lakshmi’s shoulder struck on the wall and she fainted when she saw the truck coming to a screeching halt and a young man approaching towards her.

Ajay hurried towards the old lady, hoping that she wasn’t hurt much.


They sat next to each other looking at the sunset. It was beautiful. More beautiful when you know that you are watching it with some one who you love the most.

Asha turned and looked at Ajay. ‘Just 24 more days to the wedding’, she thought.

“You know something? What if I had never donated that blood?”

Ajay smiled. “And what if I wasn’t going to your home to thank you that day?”

They both smiled. They knew the answer. They wouldn’t be enjoying this perfect moment together. They felt happy they did that. They knew they would be happy, for ever together.

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42 thoughts on “What If….

  1. Wonderfully weaved story.. life is all about these little coincidences. Very unique appraoch to the topic.. and I am glad that it ended with a positive note. And ofcourse the message of humanity was very touching.. great work.. Best of luck πŸ™‚

  2. nice to see you put across an important point like blood donation…….but too romantic!

    but I should say, you handled the conversations pretty neatly πŸ™‚

  3. Just before starting to read the first line…I was wondering I need to donate blood…It was a coincidence your post was based on blood donation!

    A nice story! Well written!!

  4. I like your take on the topic! Well thought and well written. Liked the way you have tried to convey the message that supports the cause of blood donation! Good job! All the very best with BATOM!

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