How Not To Cook – Coconut Burfi

Does the name ‘Coconut Burfi’ remind you of the tasty, delicious yummy sweet? Well..sorry folks…This space is about how not to make them.

You see there are two ways of cooking. One is my way and the other is the right way. If you make things the right way, you will end up with a tasty item to eat. But if you make them my way, you will become very knowledgeable. I know..I know..What you are thinking..that yummy food is better than gaining knowledge. Believe me people, 100 years from now, people will remember you only for all the creative ways you tried ….Not for being the conventional cooker..err..I mean cook.

So stop cooking the conventional style and do it my way…

Here is my cooking in iShhhhtyleee recipe for Coconut Burfi.

Now, no matter how you plan to ruin the ‘Item Under Test’ , you have to pick the right ingredients. Of course spoiling the item with the wrong ingredients is also a way, but its only for advanced Un-Cookers like me. And not many people are there yet.

So you will need..

  • Coconut (No Prizes for guessing that. Stop reading and leave me a comment if you were not expecting coconut. You need a separate blog space.)
  • Sugar
  • Nuts ( the nuts types like me..ok..Lets be specific..say…cashew)

Step  #1 : Un-cooking Sugar Syrup

The main binding element of the Item Under Test made with combining equal amounts of water and sugar (ideally, according to the legend as passed along by my mom). But in the case of un-cooking, no matter how much sugar you add to the water, the liquid doesn’t thicken at all. You try and try, keep boiling on high and low flames, but it doesn’t get any sticky. Then you add some more sugar. As soon as you add, you think that syrup is gonna get more sweeter. So you add more water. And finally when you have more sugar and water mix than you need, not sticky as it should be, the first step is complete and successfully ruined. Good job.

Step  #2 : Un-cooking Syrup and grated coconut.

If you are lucky enough to get hold of a grated coconut packet, you are blessed and one step closer to the Burfi. You see, less number of things you have to do, lesser number of mistakes you can make (Assuming that we are all so incapable of getting one task done right). And what you have to do next is add the grated coconut to the water….err…sugar syrup. Mix it and add the nuts to the syrup. (Please don’t fry the nuts in oil or even worse…salted butter..Are you thinking who does that? Let me tell you. I did…)

Step  #3 : Un-cooking the burfi

Ok..What we have now is a mixture with sugar, water and grated coconut. Now looking at the diluted mixture, you would think that probably you should add more coconut to at least make the mixture thicker. If you were alone at home doing this, you are fine. But if someone called dear-husband is standing next and throws a free advice that it should be that way, you are doomed. I did take that advice and subsequently took a special detour into a cycle of how-not-to-cook activities; Which BTW made me write this post, so you see, the art of un-cooking is not that bad.

So you decide to leave the mixture as-it-is and proceed onto the next step (bummerrrrr)

Step  #4 : Stabilizing the burfi

‘This is gone’, your mind tells you. Yet you go ahead. Pour the mixture onto a plate. And what can go wrong here? We have more liquid to pour and as fate would determine, we would choose a small plate. Now we think. We think enough of this non-sense. Its time to set things right. In my case, before I could think of something, another free advice came my way. ‘Why don’t we freeze it overnight?’. As you might have felt now, at the moment, even I felt it was appropriate. So I carefully moved the overflowing plate to the freezer and bid my burfi good night. And when I said sleep tight, I meant it.

Step  #5 : Over-Stabilizing the burfi

Though eating sweet is not the first thing most of us do in the mornings (I know few do), We go check eagerly on the burfi. Hmm..Nothing yet. Apparently Burfi didn’t sleep well, though it appears like it might have had a little nap. So we decide to let it rest and take off.

Step  #6 : Stabilized burfi

24 more hours and here it is. Our burfi is ready to eat. Not as thick as it should be, but definitely better.But there is a problem…very small problem….itssss…cold…may be very soo cold that you cant even hold it in your hands, leave alone eating it. You look alternatively at the burfi and at the dear-husband who gave you the free advice. You decide to blog on it. And while you were thinking, this is what happens.

Step  #7 : The Last Straw

Time passes as the matter sinks in and by the time Burfi is absolutely back to its original shape. We sigh and make up our mind to move on, mean while grabbing a spoon to taste a kind of Halwa.

There…did you see? That’s our first creation. Did any one ever think of Coconut Halwa? Thats where we land on when we try new things.

So people, go ahead, try new things in a newest way and let me know how it goes.

Best Cooking Tip Ever: Need a secret tip for best tasting food items? One secret ingredient? Here it is…

Sit on the couch. Watch you favorite show or just browse TV or read a book. Ask the other person in your house to cook. Is any one at home listening?

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