Anddddddddd Cut!

I know that English is not my native language. I also understand that so is the case with you. Anyone can envisage how interesting the situation is going to be when two non-native English speakers are communicating in a totally different accent.

Knowing this, I used short and crisp words to communicate with you. I used fewer words. I communicated visually, knowing that a sentence longer than 10 words would go unheard.

And yet, You did it the way you wanted to, leaving me and my thick black hair in utter shock. Unlike other Indian usage of English words, I didn’t even repeat the word ‘short’ twice. I knew that words in this case are very precious. Minimal the better. And unfortunately you behaved as if I said ‘Short Short’.

Now my hair is so short that I look like a boy.

Here are some of the comments I received…

Happy Husband (And I wonder why) : “Hihihih..You look like a boy..”

Happier Husband (hmmm) : “No don’t look like  boy. Although I guess most of the boys started looking like you these days.”

Mom: “Ohh..Even Barbie doll has such a hair cuts.”

(Talking to my niece…)

Me:  Hey..we both have similar hair cuts.

Her: But I have a girl’s hair cut.

(On chat with cousin)

Me: Hey..On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the max, how bad is my hair cut?

Him: Do I have to answer it?

(Yahoo astrology)

You’ll cure bad hair days forever when you check your daily BeautyScope!

And so goes the list (and its not even 12 hours). This weekend I am escaping to snow mountains where no body would know how beautiful I was and how funny I look now. And I am already dreading returning to work on Monday.

Do you know of any fast track to hair in…48 hours? I need it.


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