The Sick Cow

He kept dreaming. That was the last question in the exam. One more question and he is done with his quarterly exams. Just one more and he gets to play all the time without ever going back to school (or at least he thought so. The five year old doesn’t yet know that his mom tricks him everyday saying something like this).

He read the question again..

“W r i t e    y o u r    n a m e  ”

He thought and thought again. With a grinning smile on his face, he wrote

” C – O – W – S – I – C – K”

That’s how he started the modern Mahabharata. With just seven letters, he involved his parents, his grand parents, his teachers, his school’s head mistress and his aunt, uncle(us) into the war.

Each of the involved had the same thoughts. Should we praise him for his dare act or punish him? If it’s not his mistake, who is to blame?

His dad seems to think that the school is not up to the standard.

School’s headmistress thinks that the teachers are not taking enough care.

Teacher seems to be thinking that the mother should stop her own school of teaching at home.

Mom thinks … (Never mind….You get the point…)

My dear KOUSIK, no matter what they think about you, I pray that you retain your creativity skills for ever. That’s something most of the folks wish for.


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