Arastradero Open Space

If you live in the bay area, and had stayed home on a sunny day, you have committed an unforgivable sin. Dont do it again. Go ahead and explore any of the open spaces. Hike, walk or bike, you name it. You have it.

This open space is also one of my favorites. Though many trails were closed because it’s still winter time and some parts of the trail still muddy from the last weeks rain, we had a good hike.

Here is how the day looked today. Bright and shine. A little cold.

And who said no roads in USA are muddy? Look at this..

And of course, the above picture also depicts immense picture-taking capabilities of my husband. 🙂

The series of rains we had last week did cause these mud pools. Folks here have confirmed that haven’t seen this much rain in the last 10 years. Its 4 or 5 mini storms, each day and a week of unstoppable rain. No body has named the storm this time. So I go ahead and name it ‘Storm Dillie’ (Yes..its the same storm that cause the fog in Delhi last time). Look what Dillie did to a nice tree.

We hiked for almost 2 hours and it was a decent hike given the climate and our schedule last few days. And before we end the post, one more beautiful picture from today. (Half way through the hike, I thought I am extremely talented and that’s why I am shooting great pictures, but later realized that it’s just a beautiful day 🙂 )


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