If any library or anyone is keeping records of Dil’s Favorites, please add this to your list. This is the most amazing thriller I have enjoyed in a long time. Really a page turner and I finished reading this in three days (my work days). I found myself, waiting for some time off to read the book. I even considered taking a break from work, sitting in the car and reading it. Hmm..Enough of building excitement around the book. Time to get into the story and enjoy the Relic.


So the story starts in the 80’s when scientists from the American Museum of  Natural History visit the Amazon basin to discover whereabouts of a Kothoga tribe. This tribe, supposed to be extinct a long time ago, have an interesting tradition. They create monsters, try to take control over them and use the monster to rule the other tribes. But, it’s not that easy controlling a monster…is it? So each time they create a monster,  monster kills the Kothoga tribe people and some time later the tribe goes extinct. And the monster might be still in loose. And mysteriously the scientists from the expedition die because of one reason or the other. Few of their bodies missing too.

And switch the story to now, the museum is organizing an exhibition named superstition, where they want to show case a relic from the Kothoga items, a relic that probably stands for the monster itself. And then starts the mysterious gruesome murders in museum. The murders are so brutal that victims head is split open and a part of brain goes missing, as if something ate it.

After few murders, the team, including the FBI agent, cops and museum staff, that is trying to solve the murders is targetted too.  They all are stuck inside the museum, locked in, when they find out that the it’s not a human being that’s killing people, but it is actually a monster.

The game continues, few more victims, and the team, each time learns more about the monster through genetic experiments within the museum. What they also discover is that the monster lived on a plant that was available with it when it was bought from the amazon basin. (No body at the museum opened the crates from the expedition as all the scientists mysteriously died, assuming that the crates are cursed.) Now when the crates are moved out because of the exhibition, monster is trying to substitute the plant with human brain. (Plant has the same content as the human brain, so the monster chose human brains, but even otherwise, I would say its a good choice. 🙂 )

Finally the team succeeds in killing the monster.

What clicks in the book is the way the story moves. Each scene is told in such a compelling way that a reader would feel like he/she was running in the museum halls. Now that’s a good book. The legend from the Amazon is as compelling as it could be and it all relates to the current happenings very well. And the excitement never ends. When you think that monster is killed and everybody is safe, it is revealed how actually the monster got here without anybody noticing it and who the monster actually is.

It’s a very satisfying read for a person like me. This happens to be the first book of the Agent Pendergast series, but I happened to have read the other ones before this. Never mind, I liked the book so much that I checked out another book from the authors. Its called the Cabinet of Curiosities.


2 thoughts on “Relic

  1. you should write spoiler warning on top…. i read half post only…

    i am purchasing that book….

    agli bar if u discuss a plot…please give a spoiler warning…:(

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