Office Space

After what seemed to be an eternal stay in the conference room, our workshop ended this week. Can you imagine how does it feel like to sit in the conference room, two days in straight? Or worse, hows does it feel to take meeting minutes for a whole day? I did it and I am still alive. To give u a rough idea, it felt like a 10000000th part of the end of the world events. Yes; definitely comparable to the end of the world thingy.

People attending the conference have come from different parts of the world , so being the hosts, it was our responsibility to treat them well, That means free sandwich lunches (yes i know it’s just a sandwich, but it’s still free), free soda, dinners and team building activities (read free drinks). Some how I am glad we had these activities, otherwise my work life was pure work.

The day I had to take meeting minutes, was like noting down who said what. After two sessions, like after two drinks, I felt dizzy and sleepy. What ppl were saying didn’t make any sense, yet I was jotting down as if writing was my passion (Hey..wait a is my passion…or at least latest passion). So after 8 hours of doing that, we called it a day (or rather we called it a workshop).

And then came the team building activity. We headed off to a pool/restaurant/drinks place close to work. It was a tradition  that before visiting these kind of amreecan hangouts the Indian heart would want to eat something totally desi.  So we took a detour to eat home food. Hmm…Pulihora, Gobi sabzi and chai before a game of pool and drinks…You wont believe it, but it was fun.

And then came the game. People who know me, know how bad I am at sports and billiards is no exception. No matter how well you teach me and no matter how well I try to hit the ball, it is bound to go into a corner it is no supposed to. Especially if some one important is watching, oh my god, I suck at sports or what. So this being my previous experience with sports, it was no different this time. I sucked again at holding the cue, hitting the ball and not following any rules. But as our ancestors said, I tried and tried and finally the game started making sense to me. Oh, did I also mention that I won my first game? Not because I played well, but because others didn’t. 🙂


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