Hiya 2010

The first post about the first day of the decade. Do you have the feeling that the first day of the year dictates what is going to happen to you over the rest of the year? I do. In that respect, I always try to make my new years day eventful. It was very important to be happy, not crib about anything and do all the things that I was supposed to. I can never validate if this feeling is right, because no matter how my day is, the year will have highs and lows (or probably its already proven that my mantra is wrong).

Anyways, Its not at all bad to try stay happy one day. Its worth all the effort. And besides it has to happen only once a year. So its okay.

Coming back to yesterday (01/01/10), the day went unplanned but fruitful. Waking up to the door bell to be greeted ‘Happy New Year’ felt good.  A relaxed round of coffee over regular chat and some discussion on what we should be doing for the rest of the day (which by the way as usual resulted in no plan :)),emails and friends on IMs happened and it was already lunch time. Lunch was also readily available because of my pre-planning (read leftovers. And here I was lying to my mom and mom-in-law that I was going to do all kinds of poojas to please all the Gods and prepare a feast for lunch :)).

Quick lunch, we headed out in search of perfect place for hike. In contrast with what was said repeatedly over the weather reports, it didn’t rain at all (Remember our doordarshan weather reports?). It was cloudy but not cold. As we hit the freeway, our Mrs. GPS found a “Pulgas Ridge Open Space Park” for hiking. You see now there is a problem with this. Our GPS has been notorious in the past for showing up on its list a number of such hike places,but directing us to middle of nowhere. The last time we tried to find a “Skyline ridge open space”, we ended up facing a huge wall of hill, not even enough space to make a u-turn. So with our usual apprehension, I have hit Go button on the GPS. Andddddd…Bingooo..It took us to the right place this time..Hurrayyyy.

Like the other hike places in bay area, this hike was wonderful too. Well paved trails, not too complex, but a little strenuous and enough number of people to come for help if we happen to see a mountain lion 🙂 (Usually I am enough to rescue others you know).

We hiked for around 2 hours. Climbed 3 or 4 hills, took few pictures.

It was cooking time again, when we got back home. Our friends were coming home with the adorable twins. The twin boys felt quite at home when they came in. It was so funny  that the kids fascinate furniture, especially the dining table. All the time they were at home, they were under the dining table, trying to get under it, coming and going out of the table. It was sooooo cute.

Here is a picture of Sarvesh when he decided to play with the gift box instead of whats inside it.

Night time already; Finally there was one thing I had to do. Preparing for something that I didn’t want to do. Not now at least. 2 hours of time spent on twisting and turning my brain tissues over those preparation and it was time to call my day off.

So there it goes, the first day of my year. I liked it. Peaceful and happy. Hoping that the rest of the year would be too. T-364 to go. Only time will tell.


6 thoughts on “Hiya 2010

  1. Looks like you had a great time!That sign cracked me up-about the mountain lions.BE LARGE?LOL Like morning shows the day huh?:) Have an awesome year,with lots of ferrero,hiking and leftovers(Icould live on that,seriously 🙂 )

    1. Yes It was fun. Yep the Mountain lions. Though we havent run into one on any of our hikes, they were few sightings at nights.
      Wishing you lots and lots of ferrero this year 🙂

  2. What is T-364? Forgive me for my ignorance.

    Yes, even i believe that new year day dictates whats gonna happen all round the year which isnt true (call it some superstition).
    Hope u have a lovely n a rocking year ahead.

    1. I meant 364 more days to go..:) Ignorance??? This blog owner is not that smart anyways…
      Welcome to Dil on the rocks…
      You too..

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