A Year Long Memories…

Excerpts from a highly classified virtual dairy 2009

•  Dil and Dil-e-Jaan celebrated their second anniversary at Vegas, spending huge amounts of money at a casino (20 cents and 20 dollars respectively).

•  Dil’s office location, which is next to the bay, was chilly 265 days and windy 365 days.

•  Dil has gone on an all-USA tour (or almost all) with her parents.

•  LA, San Diego, Vegas, NY, Niagara, DC and Yosemite have been delighted by Dil’s presence this year.

•  And so was Seattle. However this time Dil was more grateful to Seattle for being such a nice place and for having all her dearest friends there.

•  Dil’s mom and dad finally visited the US Consulate at Hyderabad, to which the consulate officials were eternally thankful.

•  Dil’s mom and dad successfully made it to San Fransisco without getting lost like few other people.

•  When asked to make themselves at home, Dil’s mom and dad rearranged the entire house to actually look like a home. Dil-e-Jaan was thankful this time.

•  Dil’s ecstatic that there has been almost zero (compared to previous years) encounters with aliens (caterpillars).

•  Dil’s mom recovered from her leg surgery and Dil’s dad broke his leg.

•  Dil’s filmy standard has grown so high (or moody mind has become so criticizing ) that she disliked every movie she watched.

•  Every soul around Dil has been touched by Dil’s knitting talent.

•  Dil’s little monster nephew and monstress niece have grown a year older and much much much more smarter.

•  Dil’s aunt enlightened Dil about her various life experiences and family matters and now Dil seems to be rethinking about being an NRI.

•  Dil has heard of 2644 disturbing, 649 unprecedented, 1376 never-mind and 6 good news.

•  Dil and Dil-e-Jaan conquered more number of and more complicated troubles and are still alive and happy.

•  Dil started a blog and after considering and registering some 10 titles, she finally settled on Dil On The Rocks, which she hopes to keep up to.

That was the year at a glance. Very few things as we wanted and rest all, erm… not so good…

Never mind, Life goes on….

Happy New Year everyone. Hope all your wishes are granted (provided they are good). Hope you all will come back for some delightful free-gyan from Dil On The Rocks.

With love,

Your friendly neighbourhood blogger


9 thoughts on “A Year Long Memories…

  1. Hi there!Looks like you had an eventful year!And boy!Do you go around with a clicker in hand? 2644 disturbing,649 unprecedented,1376 never minds and 6 good news-LOL that cracked me up!
    Hope your dad recovers 🙂 and good luck with blogging!

    1. hhaha…Now that kind of clicker is really a cool idea. I can give correct count next time…
      Dad’s doing better now. He is off the bandages but i guess the pain will stay.
      Thanks much..

  2. ..filmy standard has grown so high (or moody mind has become so criticizing ) that he disliked every movie he watched.

    Hey stop stealing my thoughts ! 🙂

    Happy New Year and does your blog title suit your posts or what !

  3. Not a single thought about wat your actual name is…Dil…:D

    seems u had a fun 2009…unlike me…:P

    But hey 2010 is gonna be ossum…the number itself seems ossum…:D

    1. fun 2009…No Sid…It would be appropriate to say a very challenging 2009.
      Yep I am sure too. Hope for the best
      And my actual name..Dont you know yet? In case you missed it…you will have to go back to the place where you asked me for the first time…
      Let me know if u still cant find it 😀

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