A Short Trip!

I have been to Pandora! And its beautiful. Because James Cameron got to design the Pandora himself, he made it very bright and colorful. Big big trees, ferocious animals, funny creatures and much more.

Story was simple.Now that we humans are done with the trees on our planet, we are moving to the newer planets to kill the trees over there. And the living tribes on Pandora are fighting to protect their home.

The imagination and creativity of the design is what makes this movie wonderful to watch. All of the scenes are very very realistic. Hanging mountains! Can you imagine them? Awesome. But, unfortunately, there were not many 3D effects that were good (Half of the time I was removing my glasses to see if they were trying to cheat us by showing a 2D picture and just making us wear those irritating glasses). So if not watching in IMax, don’t mind watching it in 3D. 2D is good enough.

Watch Avatar and watch it on an imax screen.

Of all, the best thing in the movie was flying. Flying as in flying as a bird (or on a bird). I would love to do so too, so if you guys could chip in and arrange a ticket for me to the Pandora, I would be delighted.

P.S: I am gonna eat my veggies right and take good care of my eyes. It was so difficult and irritating to wear those 3D glasses 😦 .


7 thoughts on “A Short Trip!

  1. I loved AVATAR,I watched it in 2D lol-Im a student-don’t have the monies 😛 Was stunned by how real everything was-I swear I could see Jake sully’s vein’s on his arms while he was the big blue guy.

    1. Yes..It was very very real..I particularly liked the hanging mountains and the scene where the big tree comes down..isn’t the soooo real?

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