Farmville 101

Here is some muft gyan for Farmville newbies…

•  First and foremost, if you are not yet there, open up a second tab on your browser and STARTTTTTT RIGHTTTT NOWWWW.

•  Do some math. If you have more coins, spend it. Buy crops that would give you more XP. (Read don’t always pick Roses because you are girl or planning to propose to one.)

•  Neighbors are valuable. Pester your friends to at least start. And then even if they are not active, you can help them by removing leaves, crows, raccoons and even fox (Brave you….Great going…).

•  Unlike in the real world, its good to help people. It will earn you money.

•  ROI is very important no matter where we are investigating. For example, don’t buy a tree and sell it immediately. Make some money first.

•  Christmas is not the only time to send gifts on Farmville. You can do so anytime. You gift others, not because you love them but because you can expect to receive gifts back.

•  Cash is very important. Dont spend cash on something like a lamb. After all, there is something called Is It Worth It?

•  If there is a adopt a pet message on your wall, dont ignore it as in real life. Cmon people….Thats free stuff coming your way and more over it earns you money.

•  If you are going out-of-town, don’t forget to make sure your crops take enough time to grow and will not whither.

•  Dont forget the layout. Your farm has to be structured to take in as many crops as possible, but still should have space left for trees and animals.

•  Silly Farmville, keeps throwing the “Server is out of sync. Please refresh the page to continue” messages. Ignore these and continue (haa…As if we have a choice.)

Happy FarmVilling!

Do I see a check coming my way from FarmVille guys? Please do share your gyan.Probably I will share my profits with you…:)


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