Geet, My Goddess

No, I am not talking about Jai Ma Shera Wali, but about Geet from Jab We Met. Though I couldn’t agree more that Kareena has done her best for this role, I am talking more about the character Geet.  Geet, whom I have almost taken to idolize coupla times. No wonder if I had said something like, Please-Geet-Help-Me.

The movie came at the time when I needed it most. At the time I felt nothing was going right in my life. The movie told me strongly that its okay if things go wrong in life. It’s the attitude that counts. How you react to the situation, how you don’t let that situation take over your life and how you make a decision. And I remember watching this movie over and over, only to get me trained on to be something like Geet.

What was it that makes her different from you and me? Its the feeling that things happening around you, no matter how you see them, are for your own good; That there are no good times to come, but this is the good time. Go ahead, have fun, live life your way.

Funda thoda jyada ho gaya na…..:).

Here are the two best scenes from the  movie. Let Geet do the talking…

Jai Ma Geete Wali. May Geet shine on you each and every moment!


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