And when he asks….

The first problem with being married to an auditor is the number of questions you are expected to answer. Well, sure asking questions is his job description, but answering questions is more of my life description now.

Some of the questions are really simple, like
“What if we slept all the time?”,
Or “What if today was a Sunday?” (This question rocks when actually asked on a Sunday).

Few questions more complicated.
“Does elephant eat spinach?”
“What if we drop a needle from moon?”

Most of the questions irritating.
“If you are skydiving and it’s also raining, Will you come faster than the rain?”
“It’s not just enough if these scientists find water on Mars. What about potato chips?”

Few of them asked just for fun..
In the middle of the night, pitch dark, “Counting the clock ticks, can you tell me the time?”
Imagine the confusion on the coffee house guy’s face when asked “Can you give me a chai coffee latte please?”

There are few more just for escaping from my wrath..
Me: I wish you can cook today..
Him: Do you know that today is solar eclipse?

Little did I know that day when he asked me for the first time, “So what are your hobbies?”, what I had in future.

Bless those questions, bless that curiosity and bless my patience to bear all the questions.

Him (On a rainy day): “Why don’t you dry the clothes first and wash them later?”
Me:  Hmmmmmmmm…

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