The curious case of missing book

Yes. The job was as simple as finding a missing book, however the 8 hours ordeal that it caused is certainly bloggable or lets say, had this event occurred a week ago, it would have made a perfect entry for “All in a day’s work”. Such a task it was.

So as it happens, I wake up Saturday morning remembering that I have to find this book. To make our book search a little interesting and to add a little spice to our story, I am gonna hence forth refer to the book as, say, The Tyrannosaurus Rex (TRex) .

As my still-sleepy mind kept wandering into different places inside my home and trying to go into the wardrobe, kitchen and even the rest room, it struck on me..of course its gotta be in the store room. And as if sleep walking, I rushed out into the living room.

“Did you already brush?”, our Avatar asked. Okay, now that we have decided to spice up our story, why not call the man of the house Avatar. (Correction, Correction..Its not Avatar as in Vishnu Avatar..Its James Cameron’s Avatar).

“MMM MM mmm MMMMM M”, that was my response making signs, as I don’t talk before brushing. The Avatar is all capable of understanding my sign language now.

“TRex…what TRex?”

Hmmm..How do I tell him? I thought for 10 mnts (Read 0.0000000002 sec as I am still half-asleep) for the sign. After couple of signs, when Avatar was getting frustrated and I started to having fun, Avatar gave up and asked me to write down…

If you would have seen the paper, it would have seemed like a graffiti straight out of Dan Brown’s novels. Remember, its only 8.30am and technically my mind is not used to the sunlight that early.

Avatar stood there helpless and not understanding a word out of the ramblings. (I now wonder, didn’t he have anything better to do?) Anyways, finally Microsoft helped Avatar with an un-spoilable type pad (unless you are drunk and type ^$^$zzzzzzzzzz&%&698).

“Hmmm..Why do you want this TRex now?”, Avatar questioned again looking at what I typed. And how dare he? I gave him the Do-you-really-want-to-know-now look and he finally gave up his question.

More than the TRex, the first task was to find the store room keys, which Avatar completed easily with his immense Bing-Search talent.

As the store room opened, door bell rang. Enter Nemo (my niece), Alvin The Chipmunk (her friend) and MotherIndia (my aunt). After Nemo and Alvin stormed the room once and the dust has settled in, MotherIndia has realized that I haven’t (No..Don’t think of any name for me. I am myself. Period.) brushed yet. Okay that process was completed too by the time Avatar briefed our commandos on the task of finding the TRex. Had it been really a TRex, Nemo and Alvin would have been very interested. Nevertheless, they decided to help by not helping.

Another round of get-up-early-eat-good-breakfast advice was passed around by MotherIndia and I nodded as I always do. Meanwhile, Avatar successfully convinced Nemo and Alvin to sit in a corner and build a ship with playing cards. I am assuming he said playing cards because after an hour I saw only a couple of paper pieces here and there. Imagine Alvin saying that he wants to be an architect. God save the world.

Anyways, back to work, with the hour the little monsters have sparred us, we dug into the store room, emptying each and every box in the hope of finding the T-Rex. There were clothes, toys, utensils, pillows, other dinosaurs, but no T-Rex.

Step 1 complete; No results; Complexity reaches level 2 and adding to the complexity, Nemo and Alvin are back from their ship wreck (literally). And then the little Nemo enlightened us all with a basic principle of T-Rex search.
“If you are looking for a T-Rex, why don’t you look inside the Jurassic park?”, she said. (If you haven’t picked up the language yet, Jurassic park is a book rack).

“Haven’t you looked there first?”, MotherIndia slashed the question at me. When two giggling faces, one angry face and one confused face were looking at me, I silently moved towards the Jurassic Park in the hope of finding it.

10 minutes of search, no luck and I turn back to see the same faces, only more confused.

“Where is the T-Rex?”……

Anyways, another hour of search passes and our commandos return to their base camps. MotherIndia has to go home and make lunch, Nemo wants new crayons, Alvin wants Nemo’s crayons and Avatar finally found a reason to call the search off.

But my mind wouldn’t rest. I kept checking all the kitchen cupboards while cooking. Though the continuous checking didn’t help in finding the T-Rex, but it definitely made the curry salty, chutney spicy and overall lunch tasteless.

Its finally evening time, rays of sunset brought my mind back to me. I even forgot about the T-Rex and sat down to play those spoiled cards with Nemo.

And suddenly, out of no where, Avatar shrieks “Oh..I know where it is….” with a beaming expression on his face.Yes, he did it. He found it. You see, I have not named him Avatar just like that. There is got to be something.
“Where? Where?”, I shouted too.

He ran into the bed room, pulled the comforter over and moved the pillow. And there it was, my precious T-Rex.

“You remember? You were reading it last night, before you slept..”, his face was still beaming.

I was confused. “Wait a minute. I was reading it yesterday night and woke up this morning trying to find it every where else?”

His expression changed now. Changed to some thing like ‘how-could-you-be-so-stupid’.

Well, anyways, end of day, I found my T-Rex. There it was, a precious T-Rex titled

“The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Managing Your Time”.

5 thoughts on “The curious case of missing book

  1. super duper funny thing…ossum…dis goes on hunt for humor #1 this week on my fb….


    “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Managing Your Time”:P

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