30 Rock

Remember that episode from F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Rachael turns 30 and every one recollects their own 30th birthday? Wasn’t that hilarious? Remember how Rachael comes up with a plan about her future life and in between, Phoebe is shouting that there were lot of things that she wanted to do before she turned 30.

Now, I am taking that as a sign and composing my highest priority to-do list before I turn 30. Oh, wait. Did you think I was going tell you how many years I have left? No way!!!. However, like you, even I have limited time before I meet up with my deadline, so here are the to-dos. I tried to stay very practical making this list. (The unending list of unfeasible ideas will follow too.)

Here is what Dynamo Dil wants to do…
-> Buckle up and fly high only to jump those 10,000 ft into the free and open air. Haaaa…Sky diving.
-> On your mark, Ready, 1…2…3…Jump. Sense the adrenalin gushing? Go Bungee jumping.
-> Get all wet, Get all the fun, Take a bow and try white water rafting.
-> Turn few heads around in admiration. No, I don’t want to be dressed to kill, but just own and drive a mini cutie cooper. 🙂 Too girly huh?
-> Conquer half dome@Yosemite. Check out the picture

Here is what Dard-e-Dil wishes to do…
-> Scream in joy….Happy First Birthday my baby….
-> Click a lot of pictures with the little one and try teach him/her to be totally like me (or better).
-> Have those end less stroller walks with her.
-> Pati, Patni aur Woh outing…Hike and hike and hike with the baby…

Now, on an ending note, I am hoping that one day you will see more pictures from me 🙂

4 thoughts on “30 Rock

  1. hey those are very little things you gotta do. Feeling the goosebumps already about getting 30?

    No i do not know you will be, but you know I am writing a post on this phenomena only…

    I will tell you one thing….

    Sometimes, you just gotta take the jump… in you case the plunge…

    go sky diving, don’t wait up!!!

  2. oh Sid..Thanks for those words…You know what the funny thing is..Since I wrote this..I have been practicing free fall in my home…jumping on and off couch and bed..LOL..
    Yeah..Its a long time dream..Just have to pull the courage..I am scared that I will be scared doing it..:)))

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