In what state are you?

If we were referring to the state of mind, it differs from person to person. I am currently in the state of rambling trying to write this. My niece is in the state of homeworking (Don’t worry, she is not any child worker, she is only trying to do her home work) and hence my aunt is in the state of provoking, getting her to start on her home work. My husband is in the state of expecting, wondering if I am going to give him his usual dose of tea or not.

But no matter what state we are in (Andhra Pradesh or Telangana), all the politicians in India are in the state of selfishness and rest of us in the state of confusion and helplessness.


3 thoughts on “In what state are you?

  1. Thanks Sid..

    Thanks. I was thinking what is this ‘super-senti-comment’ until I saw the post on your blog 🙂 Congrats on your great going blogging. Here is wishing that you get to have much much much more fun blogging…..

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