A long time ago when I was a kid…..

Sure we did a lot of naughty things when were kids. Played a lot of pranks, irritated parents and family by just shrieking at the top of our voice, or just by running around them. Tore the pages of dad’s favorite book or purposefully spilled food on the floor. What else? I sat down to document all my commendable childhood work so that the next generations can improve upon them. Lets not reinvent the wheel.

* Barely two years old, I made my elder sister my partner-in-crime in the task of finding my parents. We were found at the corner of the street, scared and almost crying. FYI, My mom and dad went to see a doctor (or a movie, no body knows) with us under the watchful eyes of my grandma (who was BTW already snoring when we escaped).

* Always made sure to touch the neighboring maami when she is in madi (wearing those sacred clothes, when they don’t let any one touch them). I was not beaten for two reasons. One is the child factor and second is that she cant touch me. Lucky huh?

* When I fell backwards some where near the school,a gentleman helped me get up. Though I didn’t see his face, that time I thought he was my husband. FYI… I was 6.

* Always thought that caterpillars are aliens that are bound to kill humans one at a time. A part of me still believes so.

* My mom thought that I was an English lady in my previous birth. The reason? I used to spell each and every word when I started to read and write English, instead of just blabbering. I spelled S-U-G-I-L-L-U (a sweet), G-U-G-I-L-L-U (a snack) and U-N-D-R-A-L-L-U (a sweet). If not for those double coated white washes on the walls, my writings would be still visible on the wall of words.

* When asked by my house maid, which class am I in, I would answer “I am in second standard”, in a language she cant understand. When asked by my dads colleagues, I would answer, “rendava taragathi ” (in my true native language), a language they cant understand.

* That day when my mom and dad saw me awake at 5.30 in the morning, reading my class book, they were awestruck. When asked what I was doing at that time, I answered seriously, “From today on, you are going to be seeing a huge change in me”. Now that was said as serious as Aamir Khan would have said in Ghazini. Half-an-hour later they saw me sleeping like nothing happened.

* Another day I disappeared from home, no where to be seen by any one. They found me in the evening, sitting under a tree and writing some thing. My mom thought I was going to be a great writer. My dad thought it was my mom’s cooking.

* When the writer in me finally took over, I had a one-page poem ready which was some think like this.

” A mom gives birth to a baby ”
” A tree gives birth to a trunk ”
” A soda gives birth to a seed ”

You should probably blame my science teacher while I thank God for misplacing the original manuscript.

* In the times of many burglaries reported around our houses, some one knocked the door at night. My mom was dead scared to open the door. When we finally did, my uncle was dead scared to see me and my sister holding knives behind the door. (Again, 7 or 8 years old).

I should probably call my mom and dad to find out what else have I done, nevertheless, this should give you an idea.

Tell me what have you done to be called childish….

13 thoughts on “A long time ago when I was a kid…..

  1. Half-an-hour later they saw me sleeping like nothing happened

    he he he…too good, when I was 2 years old, I tried to climb the wash basin of my neighbor bringing the whole installation down including the pipes…:D

    They still do not accept me in their house…:P

    U r super Ossum man…:D

  2. This reminded me of depictions of Swami and friends in Malgudi days television serial.

    Very nice, simple and straight from the dil….:)

    Emerald Isle

  3. Thanks Raji.
    Thanks Emerald….We all grew up on the lovely swami’s life story. How much we miss him? Feels nostalgic..:)

  4. Thanks Aativas πŸ™‚ Some times dont we wish that times never change? It would be so good and happy to be kids again πŸ™‚

  5. lol… very nice read… made me start wondering how I was during my childhood. By the way I too wrote on walls, in fact i used to love drawing stuff on the walls. Not that I was good at drawing but i just used to love doing it. Those days were the best…
    great write up… loved it…. and by the way like your name dilontherocks…. nice one…


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