Sunny side up….

Yayyyy! It was sunny here in bay area, people. Call it global warming or anything else, the all-day chilly weather from yesterday turned into a beautiful spring day today. And we didn’t miss the opportunity. We went hiking (more of a walking actually). Our most favorite activity here. Bay area has enough hills/mountains for any one to just go walking.

Here is a picture from today’s hike.

Here is hoping that the sunny spring days will be here soon.

On a side note, I always feel good that I am not addicted to caffeine as the other one in my house is, but I seriously miss the feeling of drinking a good coffee on a winter evening.


6 thoughts on “Sunny side up….

    1. Well…All that we can do now is wait for those sunny days Madhu. Btw, You are welcome to California to enjoy these hikes. Much better attraction than the golden gate..:)

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