How different are you?

So when my parents were visiting me (Oh! Those golden days…Please come back…), we ran into this discussion.

“I can’t imagine how can anyone work in the same company, doing the same thing for 25 years”, I questioned my dad. My dad works for a bank. Like every other banker, he joined the bank as a clerk and made his way up.

“Well, though it’s the same bank, it’s not exactly the same thing I do, You know I work at different places and in different roles.”

“Oh.Cmon. How different could it be?”

“Well, how different are you?”, My dad questioned back.

“$!@$%&*”. I am still trying to figure out what he meant.

“You might be working for different companies, but you do the same kind of work too. Don’t you?”, he elaborated.

“No I don’t.” , was my answer. Or may be I do. Yeah I do. No matter what domain it is, I am still writing code, I am still testing it. Oh Gosh! Are we all doing the same thing? Did I just waste 5 years of my life doing the same thing?

You see, this happened around 6 months ago. I had given that quite a thought. All my life, I had never really concentrated on anything apart from my education and my career. Now that I have lesser number of things to worry about (of course more complicated), I don’t see whats stopping me from learning anything new, doing all the things I have always wanted to do and many more.

And enter, Life-is-too-short-to-be-doing-the-same-thing philosophy. I had decided that I was going to spend every six months learning some thing new. Six months. Enough time to be learning anything new and not too long time to be spending on one activity.

Hey and yessss, I finished my first six months and here is the result.

One of the socks for Cuteee Sria….

A blanket for a friend’s baby.

The other results of my new hobby, a scarf for a dearest friend (Wear it, Otherwise I am going to kill you), a scarf for my mother-in-law (Please, wear it), a pair of socks and a hat for Sria (Please Sria, I beg you, Please Please wear it).

Hey, Mind you. I had no idea on how to knit before. Whom to thank? Dont know yet? Google and Youtube, my friends.

And What I am doing now? Reading auto-biographies. Move on you murder, sci-fi fictions; Here comes “Einstein – A Life In Science”. A life well spent in science, I would say.

I am glad my dad got me thinking into this. Dad’s rock. Dont they?

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