End of the world…..

So it was time to watch a movie. 2012. We were going to see how the end of the world was coming. After getting lost on the very-well-known streets (Yes, with car GPS and a blackberry, we frequently get lost), we reached the theatre almost on time. Now saying that, we caught a close glimpse of how the world is going to end, meaning that we were sitting very close to the screen.

The movie is based on information from ancient history that the world is coming to an end.Dec 21st, 2012 is the actual day. When the mother nature takes every dangerous form to extinct the human species, all the governments in the world are building huge ships to keep the humans from extinction. As per the movie, if the governments already had good scientific evidence about the doomsday, then why wouldn’t they be doing better things to save the man kind? why only build few ships (some where in China near the Himalayas) and sell the tickets to the filthy rich?

Movie wasn’t bad; Though it wasn’t the best of the end-of-world series movies either. Special effects were good for the most part and the car chase scene (chased by nature) was very unrealistic. Anybody would agree to that.  Also the climax of the movie wasn’t any good. Imagine John Cusack and his son doing something (not sure what) to get these big doors of the ships closed. What are the chances?  But, if the world was really ending, anything could happen. So we could let this one thing go.

Unfortunately, my friends had to miss watching the climax of the movie as they remembered that they had invited friends over for dinner. Oh my! I hope neither my friends nor those invitees never read this post; never ever.

If you haven’t already watched this movie, if you haven’t missed much. Besides, you might be catching a first hand shot on the D-Day.


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