And this is how we learnt things

Ever wondered how we learnt all the things that we now know? Probably this is how we started.

Me in chat with my 4 year old niece.

In middle of her play, she picks up a flash drive. Curiously looks at it and gives me the look, “What is this?”. She, at her age, is probably asking too many questions that she know only resorts to looks to ask.

“Its a flash drive.”

The word flash stuck her little mind.

That moment I was not sure why she was moving it all over as if she was trying to find something. She finally asked me.

“Where does the light come from?”

I wondered at her thought process. Cool. Now it was my turn to explain to her. I decided to resort to theory of relativity. I explained that its not a flash light, but a flash drive. And an example she could probably understand.

“You can store your pictures in it. If you take my picture with a camera, we can store my picture in the flash drive.”

Now, I usually don’t give her this free gyan, so she listened to every word. She seemed to have registered the information.

After few mins, out of curiouslity (actually to test how well I have tought her..Pat on the back..Dil), I asked her,

“Whats that on you left?”

“Flash drive”, She said. Hurray!! I did it. I screamed more than she actually did.

“What can you do with it?”

“We can stuff you into the flash drive.”



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