Kane & Abel…What a book

Well..finally, with great effort I finished reading this book. By great effort I mean, forcing myself to read, telling or rather convincing myself that its going to get better (which unfortunately it didn’t) etc and etc. Thanks to not-at-all interesting story and no-sub-plots and no curious instances, I felt this book is a big bore. It definitely cant be the best one by Jeffrey Archer. To me, its probably his worst. Before I go into details, here is story.

The story of two men, Kane and Abel, born in two different worlds but on the same day. Kane is born to an affluent family in Boston. Well raised and educated, becomes a banker as per the family tradition.. Able, on the other hand, is born in the woods and is raised by a poor family. By the time he knows he is actually a baron’s son, he is sent to refuge camps, gets beaten, almost loses a leg and his life before he is rescued and is put on a ship to America. Abel starts a new life and grows up into owning hotels. Well… Thats the interesting part of it. In a difficult situation, Kane and Abel run into each other, Kane cant help and Abel starts hating Kane.

Then starts the feud, as well with how they go on with their lives, their marriages, kids and businesses blooming with their paths crossing occasionally ( and unfortunately uninterestedly). As days and different events pass by, their children now fall in love , get married against their parents wishes, aggravating the feud between Kane and Abel. Until the last day when Abel realizes that Kane never wanted to hurt. Its not even clear if Kane still had hatred feelings for Abel when he dies.

Thats pretty much it. The reason I found most of the book uninteresting is that I coudnt identify with the characters of Kane and Abel once they grow up. Story goes on so fast, days and years flow away quickly, never elaborating or making a situation convincing. In fact there was only one instance in this 400+ pages book, that I raised by eyebrows in surprise. That was it.

For example, take the situation when Kane has to convince board members of the bank where he could be the next chairman, Kane says few words to the members in the meeting (hardly interesting) and wins the vote. Now, I can think about numerous ways this situation could have been made convincing. The problem with the book is that everything is just FYI. You just keep reading whats going in their lives. Now, I know this is not a fiction or a murder mystery, but how interesting such a book could be? Especially when I compare this book with the other one “Sons of Fortune” from the same author.Sons of fortune shares a similar story, twin brothers separated at their birth take on each other through out the life until they realize they were brothers. The situations in which they cross each others paths are truly interesting. It wasn’t a science fiction book either, but was damn good.

All-in-all, I was definitely disappointed reading this book. No ways this could be a Jeffrey Archer’s.


2 thoughts on “Kane & Abel…What a book

  1. I don’t know why you found it such a boring book. It is one of the best books of that era and I still love reading it. In fact, I was so dissappointed by Archer’s recent novel Prisoner of Birth. I liked Kane and Abel the best.

    1. Probably I had high expectations after reading “Sons of Fortune” and “Not a penny more”. And this wasnt as exciting as those two. I should have read it in the reverse order. That would have made a difference.
      Thanks for letting me know about the Prisioner of Birth. I better not pick it if you havent liked it.:)

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