Sunny side up….

Yayyyy! It was sunny here in bay area, people. Call it global warming or anything else, the all-day chilly weather from yesterday turned into a beautiful spring day today. And we didn’t miss the opportunity. We went hiking (more of a walking actually). Our most favorite activity here. Bay area has enough hills/mountains for any one to just go walking.

Here is a picture from today’s hike.

Here is hoping that the sunny spring days will be here soon.

On a side note, I always feel good that I am not addicted to caffeine as the other one in my house is, but I seriously miss the feeling of drinking a good coffee on a winter evening.


Short Term Mind Loss

Its 1:14 AM and I am still wide awake. Having already spent 30 minutes trying to sleep, I was advised to do the count-the-sheep exercise. Now, normally, I would have given “What the hell is that” expression, but it was totally dark and my expression would totally go waste. So I decided to try it out.


“Or may be I should count 1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi..”


“Ohh…Thanksgiving shopping…Cant wait..”


“Mom would have finished her lunch by now. She is probably taking a nap..”


“Oh! Man..I still cant sleep.Ahhhh”


“I wonder what turkey tastes like..”


“Did Einstein have sleep problems?”


“I should buy more formal wear this time”


Grrrrr….Snoring sounds next to me


“If dinosaurs were celebrating thanksgiving, they would be eating kingkongs”


“Or may be I should be counting dinosaurs”


Its 2:04 AM and I am still awake……

How different are you?

So when my parents were visiting me (Oh! Those golden days…Please come back…), we ran into this discussion.

“I can’t imagine how can anyone work in the same company, doing the same thing for 25 years”, I questioned my dad. My dad works for a bank. Like every other banker, he joined the bank as a clerk and made his way up.

“Well, though it’s the same bank, it’s not exactly the same thing I do, You know I work at different places and in different roles.”

“Oh.Cmon. How different could it be?”

“Well, how different are you?”, My dad questioned back.

“$!@$%&*”. I am still trying to figure out what he meant.

“You might be working for different companies, but you do the same kind of work too. Don’t you?”, he elaborated.

“No I don’t.” , was my answer. Or may be I do. Yeah I do. No matter what domain it is, I am still writing code, I am still testing it. Oh Gosh! Are we all doing the same thing? Did I just waste 5 years of my life doing the same thing?

You see, this happened around 6 months ago. I had given that quite a thought. All my life, I had never really concentrated on anything apart from my education and my career. Now that I have lesser number of things to worry about (of course more complicated), I don’t see whats stopping me from learning anything new, doing all the things I have always wanted to do and many more.

And enter, Life-is-too-short-to-be-doing-the-same-thing philosophy. I had decided that I was going to spend every six months learning some thing new. Six months. Enough time to be learning anything new and not too long time to be spending on one activity.

Hey and yessss, I finished my first six months and here is the result.

One of the socks for Cuteee Sria….

A blanket for a friend’s baby.

The other results of my new hobby, a scarf for a dearest friend (Wear it, Otherwise I am going to kill you), a scarf for my mother-in-law (Please, wear it), a pair of socks and a hat for Sria (Please Sria, I beg you, Please Please wear it).

Hey, Mind you. I had no idea on how to knit before. Whom to thank? Dont know yet? Google and Youtube, my friends.

And What I am doing now? Reading auto-biographies. Move on you murder, sci-fi fictions; Here comes “Einstein – A Life In Science”. A life well spent in science, I would say.

I am glad my dad got me thinking into this. Dad’s rock. Dont they?

End of the world…..

So it was time to watch a movie. 2012. We were going to see how the end of the world was coming. After getting lost on the very-well-known streets (Yes, with car GPS and a blackberry, we frequently get lost), we reached the theatre almost on time. Now saying that, we caught a close glimpse of how the world is going to end, meaning that we were sitting very close to the screen.

The movie is based on information from ancient history that the world is coming to an end.Dec 21st, 2012 is the actual day. When the mother nature takes every dangerous form to extinct the human species, all the governments in the world are building huge ships to keep the humans from extinction. As per the movie, if the governments already had good scientific evidence about the doomsday, then why wouldn’t they be doing better things to save the man kind? why only build few ships (some where in China near the Himalayas) and sell the tickets to the filthy rich?

Movie wasn’t bad; Though it wasn’t the best of the end-of-world series movies either. Special effects were good for the most part and the car chase scene (chased by nature) was very unrealistic. Anybody would agree to that.  Also the climax of the movie wasn’t any good. Imagine John Cusack and his son doing something (not sure what) to get these big doors of the ships closed. What are the chances?  But, if the world was really ending, anything could happen. So we could let this one thing go.

Unfortunately, my friends had to miss watching the climax of the movie as they remembered that they had invited friends over for dinner. Oh my! I hope neither my friends nor those invitees never read this post; never ever.

If you haven’t already watched this movie, if you haven’t missed much. Besides, you might be catching a first hand shot on the D-Day.

And this is how we learnt things

Ever wondered how we learnt all the things that we now know? Probably this is how we started.

Me in chat with my 4 year old niece.

In middle of her play, she picks up a flash drive. Curiously looks at it and gives me the look, “What is this?”. She, at her age, is probably asking too many questions that she know only resorts to looks to ask.

“Its a flash drive.”

The word flash stuck her little mind.

That moment I was not sure why she was moving it all over as if she was trying to find something. She finally asked me.

“Where does the light come from?”

I wondered at her thought process. Cool. Now it was my turn to explain to her. I decided to resort to theory of relativity. I explained that its not a flash light, but a flash drive. And an example she could probably understand.

“You can store your pictures in it. If you take my picture with a camera, we can store my picture in the flash drive.”

Now, I usually don’t give her this free gyan, so she listened to every word. She seemed to have registered the information.

After few mins, out of curiouslity (actually to test how well I have tought her..Pat on the back..Dil), I asked her,

“Whats that on you left?”

“Flash drive”, She said. Hurray!! I did it. I screamed more than she actually did.

“What can you do with it?”

“We can stuff you into the flash drive.”